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Common price enquiries

Here is a selection prices that you can expect to pay for our services:

Washing machine installation:                                     From £75.00

Tap changes:                                                                   From £70.00

Toilet ball valve replacement:                                      From £62.00

Loft/Header tank ball valve replacement:                From £70.00

Radiator valve replacement:                                        From £75.00

Waste trap replacement:                                               From £55.00       

Chrome waste replacement:                                        From £65.00

Mixer shower change:                                                   From £100.00

Power shower change:                                                 From £140.00

Electric shower change:                                              From £110.00

WC installation:                                                             From £160.00

Basin installation:                                                        From £95.00

Bath installation:                                                         From £140.00

Loft tank change:                                                        From £100.00

Immersion heater install:                                          From £70.00

Hot water cylinder change:                                      From £150.00

Heating pump change:                                              From £110.00

Drain unblocking:                                                      From £80.00

Pressure testing:                                                       From £75.00

These are the most commonly requested labour charge enquiries for our services. The prices listed are 'labour only' and do not include sourcing, ordering or supplying of materials. 8

These are the lowest price for these services, hence the 'From' prefix. 

Wherever possible we will provide the customer with an estimate or fixed quotation and our company terms & conditions will be issued.

In arranging a bigger project such as a re-pipe, a bathroom remodel, a wet-room build or a kitchen refit then a contract of works will also be issued which binds both the company and the customer to comply with it's terms.

Just a selection of our prices