19. Dec, 2021

New build horror

This week we were called to undertake some repairs at a beautiful property that was built just seven years ago.
What a mess and a muddle met us when we started work.
The customer told us that there were three pop-up waste outlets in basins that had failed and needed to be replaced, a hot water tap that was down to a trickle and a toilet cistern that took a good seven minutes to refill after a flush.
So, this all seemed a bit bizarre when we considered that the house is a very highly priced property and is in a very sought after area.
Upon investigation we discovered that the plumbing in the property was certainly not up to scratch, with a very heavy use of silicone sealant on things where it just does not belong, such as around chrome basin wastes.
The wrong water inlet valve had been fitted to the downstairs toilet and the hot tap was just airlocked, something which is unusual in a property with a pressure sealed system feeding the hot water supply.
The problems were solved by the time we left but, it was much more of a struggle than it should have been. The customer has already said that she will be booking us again to take care of some more issues in her home in 2022, such a shame that a lovely family have to have their lives disrupted by workmen working in their home due to bad, bad workmanship by the company that built the house just a few short years ago