4. Dec, 2021

Very bad work to be repaired

Today we were called out by a landlord after his tenant complained that his kitchen had cold air rushing in and the boiler that had been installed 8 months ago had never been completed.

We arrived to find that the condense pipe ended in a bucket in the flat and that the flue has never been sealed, hence the rush of cold air entering the property and the pipework has never been boxed in.

To say the workmanship on the original installation is poor is somewhat of an understatement. We as a team are disgusted that other installers should leave this kind of mess behind them.

Andy the plumber and Will are going to put the installation right, make it safe for the tenant and legal in the process.

Please landlords, don't leave your properties in such a state. It is unsafe, illegal and to say nothing of the discomfort felt by rent paying tenants.