1. Dec, 2021

Water leak call out

One of our customers called us today to say that he had discovered a leak in his house.
When we arrived we found that the leak was coming from beneath a brand new hardwood laminate floor, which sadly had to come up.

Having accessed the pipe concerned we discovered that the fitters who did the laminate had "tightened up some floor boards" before fitting the laminate and had nailed straight through a central heating pipe!

Having drained the entire heating system we were able to remove a section of pipe and fit a replacement section for just £120, but the cost of all the damaged flooring and all the mess downstairs caused by the leak is considerably more of a problem for our customer

Please, please be careful when nailing or driving screws into floors or walls, it can become very expensive indeed

We wish you a pleasant December and remind you that we are on call for any plumbing or electrical emergency