28. Nov, 2021

Malicious damage emergency call-out

This weekend saw Andy and the team called to an emergency flood in a house of multiple occupancy that is used to house people with mental health issues.

We received a call from one of the local landlord's that we regularly work for to say that there had been a report of quite a big water leak.

When we arrived we discovered that someone had deliberately forced a mop into a WC and repeatedly flushed it in the upstairs bathroom causing several gallons of water to gush down into the kitchen below.

The power had been isolated so the place was dark until we were able to ascertain that it was safe to switch back on, so it was difficult to assess exactly how much damage had been done. When the lights came on Andy spotted a huge crack in the boards and then he yelled for all to get back as an eight foot sheet of wringing wet board swung down and struck Andy on the arm.

The property was eventually cleared up and left secure, albeit without a kitchen ceiling in place but thanks to Andy The Plumber only he received injury as opposed to all of us.

On here you can see a picture of the way things were left in readiness for a new ceiling when everything has dried out.

Such a shame that a large chunk of a property has been badly damaged due to maliciuos behaviour and the failure of a carer to notice.

Handy Andys will make repairs in due course and put things right once more